Faith It Till You Make It!

I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in faking it. Because it’s a more expensive way to live. Instead, I faith it and trust that it will be mine when the time is right. You ask how?

Well for one, I don’t lie about taking Uber when I just jumped a bus after running a marathon to board it as if my life depended on me getting on. I also don’t spend all my money on “a la carte” when a plate of hot rice from the road side is as sweet as a plate from an intercontinental restaurant with aroma as enticing as a Victoria Secret musk.

No, I don’t live a fake life because it costs me more than I earn. I live a life of trust. Trust that I will wake up in the morning hale and healthy as long as I eat right, exercise and mind what I feed my spiritual life. I trust that I will go to work and earn a living and if I work hard and smart, I will earn my promotion and afford things I can’t, living a fulfilled and happy life soonest.

I trust that I don’t have to play office politics to win at work. I trust I don’t have to sleep with anyone or live a false life to please anyone just to be among the happening people in the office. I trust so much in myself because I have got a big God by my side that has made promises to me. Yes, He promised me that I will never go hungry if I trust in His work. He promised that I would never lack if I obey His words and work according to the ways of the Holy Spirit even when in doubt, I should trust faithfully.

Oh yes, He promised. So when I see Adams struggling to please our boss I just laugh, call him aside and tell him about Gods promise to us. Last time I saw Susan flirting with her line manager, I reminded her that she can only earn his trust if she proved her worth on the job and not in his bed. Sam was angry with me because I told him he needed to learn how to manage his resources and stop living a fake life before he wrecks himself.

I know it’s hard sometimes not to give in to the politics of the workplace but I know that if you faith it out, you will be all the better for it. I know sometimes the workforce encourages you to look the other way to earn more trust and a percentage but most times, this doesn’t last. I understand that friends and colleagues make you feel you need to live a particular way to fit your role but you don’t have to fall for it if you know who you are.

Making it in life can be tough and there is a wrong saying that you have to commit a crime to make wealth but I tell you, wealth comes to those who faith it out.

So tell me, are you going to fake it or faith it, till you make it?

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