Faith That Births Testimonies

I met someone yesterday that waited to have a child for eighteen years. When I asked what kept her going, she responded, “I didn’t have any choice than to trust God”. God promised her He would do it and she held on to His word. She got married at thirty and had a baby at 48. God told her He would do it and that was all the assurance she needed.

Sometimes we sit in church and listen to people give their testimonies and we say in our heart, “that’s me”. Often times we ask ourselves how come our prayers seem to go unanswered or the question might be, “God when will my time come?” When it’s not happening, we wonder if there is a sin that’s delaying our testimony or maybe there’s something we did not do enough, like fast enough or pray enough or get committed in service to Him enough.

At times, we wonder if at some point we doubted… just a little, even if we cannot recall doubting and we ponder what else we could do that would make God answer us faster, even knowing fully well that the answers are not up to us at all. It was a miracle for Peter to walk on water – all he had to do was focus on Jesus and not lose sight of the goal. It was a miracle for the lame man at the beautiful gate to walk again – all he had to do was to focus on Peter and have faith to rise up.

The faith that births testimonies is not the type that shouts from the high heavens, neither is it the type that fasts for a hundred days, nor is it the one that runs from church to church or “seer” to “seer”. The faith that births testimonies is that small type – the one like a mustard seed that chips away at the mountain; the one that focuses on Jesus and believes without a shadow of a doubt that He will come through no matter what.

Has He promised you anything? Hang on to His word and keep your faith alive, that is what will birth your testimony.

How would you describe your faith? How big or small has it ever been and what testimonies has it birthed for you? Share with us in the comments, let’s help each other’s faith to grow.

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