Faith To Disrupt

Dinosaurs went extinct. Cars replaced horses, Netflix and Kwesé are in the process of dethroning television. Apple turned technology into fashion & every single one of these things was a game changer, a great risk. But as Nikola Tesla and J.P Morgan proved with the commercialization of electricity, the greatest entrepreneurs are those with the courage to disrupt their industry.

“Disruptive” is a good term and it referred to the process by which an underrated idea, product or service becomes popular enough to replace or displace the conventional. The capacity to disrupt the lives of a people or the economy is invested in the hands of these innovators, inventors, creative people and entrepreneurs. A nation or people who wait for government, politicians or the public sector to drive innovation and change is doomed. It doesn’t always happen that way. The business world is the driver of those disruptions.

The principles behind business remains the same though the methods and methodology changes very quickly these days and so should the entrepreneurs with their creative ideas. Sam Adeyemi says, “ideas rule the world”; nothing could be more true considering rate at which ideas are changing the way we live. As human needs multiply & change, so should the solutions. These needs have to be met in cheaper and faster ways. Complex problems need simpler solutions that must come to human minds at the speed of thought.

If business is about solving problems and solving them profitably for that matter, then we must develop faith and capacity to disrupt the conventional. Are you disruptive in your thinking?

The hard truth is that your business can’t be protected for so long from the reality of disruption happening around us; ask the taxi drivers. Their disruption does not even own a single vehicle. As an entrepreneur, you need that capacity to delve into your humanity and the creative genius God bestowed on you and through your organization help create new solutions for our world.

Human needs and problems are becoming more complex in their origin, composition and management but we must match them with superior disruptive solutions. As the problems show up, they tend to disrupt out way of life. Cancer is a disruption. It has impacted the very core of many families wrecking enormous damage to lives. It has to be stopped by another disruption. We need disruption in agriculture to fight poverty and food problems. We need disruption in transportation and logistics to deliver food and supplies in cheaper and faster ways.

Is your organization willing to lead the disruption in medicine, hospitality, agriculture, education, social science, project management, housing and architecture, banking, finance, IT and artificial intelligence. Above all we need disruption to achieving world peace and reduce unnecessary human migration & death as a result poverty, diseases, wars and terrorism.

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