Faith To Fight And Faith To Rest

Zizi and her friends where having their usual Thursday girl’s night out and as girls, family was the topic of the day. They talked about their men and their children. About school and play. They talked about everything then about faith. Then Zizi asked a question that had been disturbing her for a while now… ‘why do we have to pray hard and fast if faith is real’?

Hetty was more shocked than the others and without thinking, she said, “because faith without action is nothing”. “Then that is a problem, because if we believe that there is a God and we believe He cares for us then why do we have to sweat for His grace?” Zizi retorted.

The ladies went silent as they become pensive, thinking about what Zizi just said. Teni thought about her recent encounter. She had just lost her job and fear had engulf her about what was next. She cried, prayed every midnight hour and fasted for seven days yet nothing. Her pastor had told her to believe that everything will be alright, but how does one just believe with bills pilling up. Hetty remembered how she prayed day and night for her marriage and even fought the other woman with biblical verses yet… the divorce is happening.

Zizi had her recent fight in mind, her prayer room had turned into a sobbing room. She was tired of burning the late-night candle.

“Maybe we have been praying too hard”, Hetty muttered. Zizi and Teni looked at Hetty in surprise, wondering what she meant.

Yes, maybe we have been praying too hard instead of believing too hard. We have been praying out of fear and not out of faith. I remember I used prayer to hide from the truth that my marriage was over and I was partly at fault. I didn’t wait on the Lord on some issues, I didn’t understand the faith to rest, leaving the fight to God, believing HE had it covered.

Yes, sometimes we have to let go and let God do the fighting. It is a universal truth that even ‘others’ know about. It is the secret of life.

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