Feeling Overwhelmed?

It was becoming a nightmare. Teni was tired and just wanted to quit. Find someplace and escape from all the demands of her life. There were not enough hours in the day. She was tense and on edge, all the time. Teni felt like throwing in the towel. Was it by force to work, run her side hustle, volunteer, do charity work and be a friend too? “Can’t I just be a full housewife, with no worries or responsibilities other than home and child care?” Her health was suffering, all the stress was taking a toll on her. The sleekest makeup couldn’t hide the signs of exhaustion. She was getting moody, snapped at colleagues and family, almost to the point of being sarcastic and rude. Teni realized now that some balls were dropping and if she was not careful, a breakdown could be next.

We completely understand where Teni is at right now. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. How can one get out of this quagmire of overwhelm?

Here are some tips from selfcarehaven.wordpress.com on this

First, remove clutter from your life. Get rid of emotional, physical or interpersonal excess that could hinder your personal growth. Ensure tidy living and working spaces, cut off (at once or gradually) toxic relationships and refine your to-do lists. Remember that quality beats quantity in this journey of self-care and self-love.

Second, give yourself unconditional love EVERY SINGLE day. Yep. Love all your flaws, strengths, secrets & weaknesses. Every part of you is important and worthy of love, regardless of your present circumstances.

Third, take deliberate care of every part of you. Energize your body, enlighten your soul, nourish your spirit. No one else will. Take up some exercise that improves your mood, do some writing, reading or praying. Maintain healthy relationships.

Fourth, have high standards and stick to them, as self-respect is key to self-love. This protects you from emotional predators. If you allow others to trample over your expectations constantly, you’re chopping away at your self-esteem. Minimizing ‘people-pleasing’ and saying ‘no’ where necessary will bring more satisfaction in the long run.

Fifth, set out time and pursue your true passions. Look for ways to daily improve yourself in the areas of your ‘calling’. The key is to balance passion with focus. What’s the one (or 2, max) major area, that gets you closer to THE Dream.

Sixth, maintain an attitude of gratitude and give back to the world you live in. This helps you feel both ‘big’ and ‘small’. Gratitude for all your current privileges confers the realization that you are nothing without God. Doing a bit of good and impacting the lives of others improves your sense of fulfillment and relevance without being prideful.

Lastly, stay mindful – attentive, sensitive to your emotions, and quick to give yourself all the love and rest YOU need. You are not alone, remember to reach out to a trusted friend or adviser if needed. Don’t bottle anything up.

If this has been helpful, please share with other ladies. Have a successful, un-overwhelming #WomanWednesday.

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