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Now that we belong to God’s kingdom, we, as citizens, have responsibilities towards the kingdom.

As responsible citizens of any country, you’re expected to make contributions to its growth & development, but you can’t make maximum contribution when you are not in the place of your purpose in life. When individual citizens create & build businesses for others to work in, they make greater contributions to the nation. Same is applicable in God’s kingdom. When we give tithes & offerings, it is good but we can serve God in other capacities.

You have a critical role in the kingdom when you occupy the place of purpose in your life. At the right place, you will be helping to expand the frontiers of God’s kingdom on earth and in the life of people around you.

A young man came to Jesus asking for more in his life, he found out that material resources was not fulfilling enough for him (Mark 10). Finding your place in the move of God is your greatest purpose and assignment in life. God is always doing new things, He is the God of the new as well as of the old. it takes discernment to plug into it.

In Exodus, a dispensation of freedom was around the corner for Israel, Moses was going to be the leader. Joshua recognized an opportunity to go spy out Jericho, he saw it as God’s new dispensation and quickly plugged in. David’s era brought a new wave of opportunity for Israel’s “Area boys” to connect with purpose and become mighty men (2 Sam 23:8-38). If they never had a sense of purpose, they would have missed the opportunity when they met David (1 Sam 22:1-22)

When Jesus’ ministry started, twelve guys found their place & dived in with him, they found a purpose to die for. They were first of all #fishermen but became “fishers of men” after they found their place. It was same for “the seventy”. Matthias couldn’t find his place when invited on board the team until Apostle Paul replaced him (Acts 1:12-26). The start of a new church may not be easy, but it is God’s opportunity to raise a new set of leaders and ministers.

By the way, every member of WhiteOlive is a minister and ministry is in our genes, you only need to find yours. Ministry is whatever we do that blesses humanity, expands God’s kingdom and makes God smile and proud.

The Lord’s Prayer is a message. His kingdom and will come first before we ask about our own needs (Matt 6:9-13). Find your place and you will be guaranteed divine protection (Rom 12:6-8).

You can’t be in purpose and not have an edge of protection and provision around you.

So how do you find purpose?
It is in the place of Prayers (Jer 33:3). Your place is found in the place of intimacy with God.

What are you dissatisfied with?
What breaks your heart?
What do you notice easily in others?
What are other people saying about you?
What about your gifts, talent and grace you have in doing certain things?
What pains have you been through? (2 Corinth 1:4)

Often times we are called to small things, which God himself turns into big things. Yield your little abilities to God. It is really frustrating to live your life without fulfilling your purpose and be used by God. Your gifts, talents, experiences and expertise will forever be relevant to God’s kingdom irrespective of the state of our world.

God will use ordinary people like you and I in extraordinary ways. Purpose is beyond material things of this world. You don’t use safety nets when walking with God. In fact, you cannot encounter God and not be humbled.

Humility is comparing yourself with Him, you will feel really little the same way you feel beside a powerful figure. Ministry is the spirit of service, a die-hard spirit to do the work of the Father whether in church or outside.

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