First Within

The journey of success is first an internal journey before it becomes reality in the physical. It is first within, then without; a powerful law for those who want to do something great with their lives.

All global brands scattered across the world started as little but ‘living’ ideas in the minds of their founders. Every tangible thing in our world is created twice and so is every great invention, organization and achievement. Great entrepreneurs of our world today embarked on a journey in their minds before the realities caught up with them.

How far have you travelled in your mind? How big do you see this business grow? Think about it. The kind of business success we hope to achieve in reality is directly proportional to what we have on the inside. If a business is small on the inside of the founder & CEO, that business will always remain small in reality. If your business is great in your mind, then it’s a matter of time; that reality will catch up with your thoughts. This is because it will begin to attract opportunities and resources to the proportion of that visualized size. Resources & opportunities come to you to the proportion of your thinking & management capacity. The quality of your thoughts and ideas determines the quality of products and services that you churn out. Great products & services are the realities of deep thought process. Toyota says ‘Good thinking, good product‘.

WhiteOlive_First Within prayer This is the reason entrepreneurs must invest in their thinking; your thought is dependent on the quality of information you have access to. Where you’ve never been on the inside, you can’t be in reality. If you see a branch of that business in all the capital cities of the world, so be it; it’s just a matter of time. Everything happens for you to the proportion of your thought. Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. So it’s impossible for us to change our business realities without first changing our thoughts.

The world as we have created it is a product of our thinking. It cannot change without changing our thinking” – Albert Einstein.
The business remains small until the thinking becomes big. It’s time to think BIG.

So set your mind on fire, Rekindle it with new knowledge. Read books that inspire new thinking.
It’s time to see that business grow wings and flying into major capital cities across the nation & the globe…

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