Focused Employees

The quality of its human resource is an organization’s most powerful asset, but it can also be its worst nightmare. Which are you to your organization, an asset or liability?

Mensah had worked 3 years in an asset management company before leaving. His reason for leaving was a mix of several events that had happened a few months earlier. He had also left without another job in view. He was thoroughly frustrated. He felt it was better to leave than lose his sanity as a result of the unfolding events.

He stayed at home for 7 months before his next job. This new job wasn’t as fantastic as the old but it held a lot of promises. Mensah’s strength was processes & systems. He enjoys automation & structuring business activities.

The new company, a service provider in hospitality enjoyed a sizeable market in the value chain but they were not very structured. This gave Mensah concerns initially but after analyzing the situation, he approached his direct report on how to improve their services.

He packaged his ideas in a proposal to be presented to the management but there was a strong measure of reluctance from his direct report. With focus & persistence, he got an opportunity to present his proposal to the management & that was it. Today, Mensah heads the Innovation team after just 3 years in the organization.

With the power of focus, you can influence the direction of energy & resources in your organization. Mensah said he saw a gap in their delivery which impacted productivity negatively and decided it was an opportunity to do something that would change the dynamics. What he wanted to achieve for the organization was to create a powerful system & process that delivered value seamlessly.

When we lack focus as employees, we are easily distracted by all kinds of events happening in the organization. Things like office politics, gossip, slandering, backbiting and all sorts get our attention easily nowadays. This impacts on productivity & effectiveness.

It’s time to get our focus back. Make valuable contributions to the productivity of your organisation and if you are consistently unappreciated, it’s time to take your productivity elsewhere.

An organization should be lucky to have you and not the other way round irrespective of the economic woes in the country. A recessed economy is a recessed workforce. Nations and organizations got here in the first place because they lacked focus. Productivity is what bring nations out of recession.

There was a reason why you wanted to work in that organization, what happened to that reason(s)? Don’t be too comfortable in that company except you’ve lost your focus. If your organization is not breaking new grounds and obviously improving on its processes, it’s going to hit the rock very soon and that would affect you.

Don’t be a sitting duck, get thinking and start working strategically, that’s what influencers do!

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