Followership Is Leadership

Texts: Deut 4: 1-6 and Matt 5:13 (MSG)

The sovereignty of God amongst all the nations of the earth is an obvious fact, even though it is completely ignored. Till date, God still rules and reigns in the affairs of men and the nations of the world. He is not relegated to the heavens alone. He rules in the cosmos, galaxies, on earth and everywhere you can think of and in the innermost corners of our lives.

Psalm 115:16 says He has given earth to the sons of man. For years I thought God just sat in heaven enjoying Himself. Having parties and looking helplessly at the total chaos in our world, but I was wrong because I saw the truth in Eccl 7:29.

So, in Gen 6:6, He regretted creating man. In otherwords, He has not rested because of our wahala since His 7th day rest in Gen 2:2. So He’s been on a mission to reconcile, reorganize and reprogram us because virus hit our core programming in the Garden of Eden.

In Deut 17:15-20, Moses predicted Israel’s potential and it happened in 1 Samuel 8:4-6, about 360years apart. He prophesied that Israel will reject God’s system and want it’s own human system of government. They eventually had 500 years of human government yet it did not measure to a 10th of God’s plans for Israel.

No human system can compare to God’s.

The situation of our nation is a puzzle and the Nigerian church is a paradox. God has not at any time abdicated His responsibilities as our God whether in Nigeria today or Israel of old. When God sees few bright spots amongst us, He wants to show himself strong on our behalf. Our God is interested in Aso Rock and all government houses and who occupies them if we allow Him.

He’s interested in our school system, hospitals, airports, banking halls, corporations, factories, in the civil service, beauty salons, churches, parties, roads, under the bridges.

We have blamed leadership for the woes of the country but I beg to differ, our followership is as bad as our leadership. In fact, leadership is borne out of followership and you derive leadership from followership.

The life of Moses can give an idea of how difficult followership can be. God was deliberate about choosing him to lead Israel. Like the Jews, we’re so impatient as a people and that’s where our crisis starts from.

Nigeria’s leadership is derived from its followership. We always produce leaders after our kind. Our long standing issues used to be resource control, militants in Niger Delta, and then Boko haram, now it’s IPOB. It will be another issue tomorrow.

Nations that lack focus will be torn in many directions and will always see other ethnic groups as enemies. America’s strength, for example, is it’s diversity. We lack vision as a nation and it’s a function of an individual’s lack of personal vision.

According to Matthew 5:13, we are not saved to go to heaven instantaneously; we are saved to expand the kingdom of God here on earth. Heaven was obviously not the destination initially, it became so after man sinned.

The message of the church has not been effective because we are raising a heavenly focussed but earthly useless people. So, if Jesus doesn’t come in the next 50 years, what will happen to Christianity and it’s impact on our nation?

This is a call to action. Our greatest need is “Visionary Followership”. Light bearers and Salt carriers into the decay in our society. If you don’t have an abridged plan for your life, family, business, career and community, you’re part of our problem and a liability on Christ.

If you deliberately break traffic light, create problems in the office for people, misappropriate resources, steal resources entrusted to you and have an entitlement mindset, you’re not a good steward.


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