For The Love of 2019

We know you think about 2018 in one of two ways.

2018 is the Ex.

The relationship wasn’t all bad. There were some highlights here and there. Definitely a lot of potentials, but things just didn’t work out. A lot of broken promises, dashed expectations and maybe even betrayal. The most painful part, of course, is all the effort you put into the relationship. 365 days of giving 2018 your all but it just didn’t love you back. You thought 2018 was an SBA, it turned out to be a Yoruba Demon. You thought 2018 came with Chioma’s assurance, but it only gave you Amaka’s disappointment. The important thing to you is that you survived and thus have the opportunity to move on to better things. You’re hoping 2019 will be better.


2018 is the boo.

2018 was everything you hoped it would be, and more. It still brings butterflies to your stomach whenever you think about it. There was a lot of heartbreak around you. But you were, for the most part, happy. 2018 mended the broken places like that The Carter’s album. It was an Ed Sheeran song. 2018 had you thinking “I don’t deserve this, you look perfect.” In fact, you’re a little afraid that in 2019, you’ll say to 2018 “Baby I was Happier, with you.” Long story short, you hope that what you and 2018 had can continue into 2019.

Whichever it is, we’re here to say: we feel you. If 2018 is an Ex whose bad taste you want to wash out of your mouth, then you should consider Philippians 3:13 B side “forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.” Don’t let the past discourage you. For instance, look at Megan Markle. You bet she has a long list of exes who weren’t worth her time, but she was able to move on to far better things. Don’t let your future be bogged down by the misfortunes you’ve dated in the past. God has given you an attractive Spirit which draws suitors like favour and prosperity. So put yourself back out there, let your guard down that hope may rise and give 2019 the opportunity to sweep you off your feet.

And if 2018 was one of the best things that happened to you? Then Psalm 103 vs 2! Forget not God’s benefits. With all that He’s done, you best believe that He’s all set to do even more. There’s no reason to believe that the Honeymoon phase/season you enjoyed over the last 12 months would let up anytime soon. 2018 has turned to 2019 but it’s still the same Partner. It’s still the same blessings. Encourage yourself in the fact that 2019 will be good to you. 2018 wasn’t some charmer who set out to win your heart only to have his 2019 self break it into pieces. You’re good to go!

We’re super excited about 2019 and you should be too! It’s the year of Marvel and Marvellous Works! It’s the year your eyes would be opened to the endless possibilities that surround you. The thing about vision is that, it goes beyond words, vision only hears the language of action, and that means Christ’s love and all that it encompasses will be made manifest to you in a real and tangible way.
Open your eyes, marvel at the wonders God will do and is doing in your 2019!

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