Fred 2.0 By Mark Sanborn (Final Episode)

The author makes us understand that we are most impressed, not just by the quality of a person’s work but also by the way he or she treats us. A relationship is key. He made it categorically clear that a bad relationship with your client is a sure business killer.

He also taught us to learn and master the art of Elevating the Experience for our customers. This simply means to give them more than they are expecting. An elevated experience happens when you are expecting something standard or run of the mill and you end up with more.
When you do things beyond what people expect of you they are:

• Pleasantly surprised
• Happier after the experience than they were before
• They feel they’ve received value
• They want to tell others about their experience

Renew your resolve. Mark explains that if you truly desire to be extraordinary, you have to keep your commitment vital and ongoing, irrespective of unfavourable twists and turns in the business. Staying the same isn’t enough because yesterday’s success can easily become tomorrow’s mediocrity.

Mark highlighted some ways to renew our resolve and they are:

• Decide to be happy here and now
• Try something different
• Reward yourself
• Take time to rest

Aside from Fred giving his best to his clients, he also took time to mentor junior colleagues and to share his knowledge with people who were willing to learn. Fred acted as a leader and a role model. He didn’t just preach how it ought to be but he acted out how it should be. The first job of a leadership is to help people see their significance. Leaders recognize that those who feel insignificant rarely make significant contributions. Leaders don’t just tell a better story; they make the story better.

Another tip on how to be a better you in your workplace and environment is to surround yourself with like-minded people. If you don’t have them, then build a community around you. The only thing more powerful than a committed Fred is a TEAM of commited Freds. Like-minded people will encourage you, be an example to you, share ideas aimed at making you better.

It is been an interesting time sharing what we learnt from Fred 2.0 by Mark Sanborn with you. We encourage you to pick a copy of this book. It will push you out of the ordinary to the extraordinary until you are a refined and better person. We are more than happy to answer your questions at

Till we come your way again, be the extraordinary you that you’ve been destined to be.

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