Fred 2.0 By Mark Sanborn

Passion is about aligning and arranging your work and your life in such a way that you do the things you love as often as you can. The origin of the word passion can be traced to the Greek word that means suffering and submission.

We can not say we are passionate when we do not walk through these two roads – suffering and submission – on our way to our goal.

Remarkable contributions in life are fuelled by a passionate commitment to human values such as beauty, truth, wisdom, justice, charity, fidelity, joy, courage and honour.
Gary Hamel 2010

One way to be extraordinary is to put passion before profit. Do what you are passionate about unreservedly first and do not focus too much on the gains. Keep your eyes on your passion and gains will organically follow.

You are passionate about it if you will gladly do it for free. If you have a passion for it, you will certainly find a way around it.

For Fred Shea, it was about work, excellence and passion. Mark Sanborn reiterated that ‘Passion without Commitment and hard work is like a cart without a horse. It is not going anywhere. Passion makes the difference between something common and something special.

In a perfect world, we would all get paid for what we do based on how passionate we are about it. The real world is different but you can still find your passion and pursue it with all the love you have for it.

Aside from passion another habit Fred cultivated was his creativity. Creativity is an essential ingredient in delivering extraordinary results. Creativity is producing something new or different that has value. To be creative is to offer value to those you live with and work with.

According to Henry David Thoreau, thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be. Fred sure knows how to think outside the box. Looking for other options to make things better was his hobby.

You can make what you do interesting. Think again, think it over and over. Noodle over it: avoid quick-fix approach, look for the best and not the quickest solution. View problems through different lenses: find out how it is done in other places.

You will be different and important to your internal and external customers in the workplace if you add commitment, passion and creativity to what you do.

We will come your way again next week with more tips from Fred, but before then practice these action points and be deliberate about it.

  • Think of a current problem
  • Re-think the problem
  • Take a break
  • Ask a few key people
  • Do a deep reflection on how you have done it in time past
  • Ask your clients if they like the way you have handled issues in time past
  • Add or get rid of something in the current process
  • Get tips from experts

Try these tips and tell us the result or ask questions on how you can by sending an email to us at
We sure want to hear from you and help you build on becoming a better you.

You will do exploits.

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