Fred 2.0

Sounds like a computer, right? Or maybe a virus?! But Fred is a real-life person like you and I. Fred Shea is a postman who currently works and lives in Cherry Creek area in Denver, Colorado with his wife and two kids. He is not someone who existed a long time ago, but is a living, breathing person who delivers extraordinary service in simple but remarkable ways. Let us join Mark Sanborn as we explore the life of Fred, the things he does that makes him such an extraordinary person and how we can imbibe some of his traits.

Fred puts passion and life into what he does; it wasn’t just about dropping the dailies on the lawns or doorsteps of his client, it was also about showing concern and letting them know they are his valued and highly esteemed clients. He infected the whole area with his enthusiasm for work and even when he was transferred to another community, the members of his previous community all protested to the headquarters of his company and demanded for their Fred.

He is a principled man who believes that relationships are vital and more important than commerce. This makes us understand that the Fred philosophy is built on timeless values like personal responsibility, authentic relationships, and respect for others. He believes that finding creative ways of delivering your service can drive the desired result you seek to attain.

So, what exactly makes him such an extraordinary person? Here are Fred’s principles:

*Everybody makes a difference
*It is all built on relationship
*You can add value to everything you do
*You can reinvent yourself continually

Fred’s attitude to work is also a matter of commitment to what he does. Don’t just be involved, be committed. Commitment is a decision, not a feeling. There isn’t much you can do about your employer’s payment practice or recognition policies, but there is something you can do about how you deliver your job.

According to Mark Sanborn, we all have ordinary days and ordinary work; but we have a choice about how we will do that work. If we commit to an attitude of service and excellence, our ordinary tasks will become extraordinary.

Commitment at work simply means reinventing yourself, tuning yourself and your desire into what you have agreed to do and making the best out of it. Again, it means making a contract with yourself to give the highest standard of service wherever you find yourself.

We will share more about Fred in coming weeks but for now, what principle(s) are you planning to live by this week and the rest of the working year? Like Fred, try being a little bit more deliberate in committing yourself to the contract you signed at work, that volunteer job in your community or church and even in your own business and share your results with us.

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