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  1. DIFFICULT CONVERSATION.. At first when I saw the banner because I work very close to the church arena, I didn’t understand what it really entails until I read this article. It is indeed inspiring and where parents get it wrong with the teenagers of our days is that, they expect you to stay sex free, don’t want to break the news about s** to you and when one mess up, they are the first to hit you on the head with words. And to be sincere, even the church is not helping either. A seminar was held in my church 21st Feb 2018 titled “Healing Sexuality”. The anchor did a lot of work in trashing, recycling and producing a wonderful teaching only for my pastor to collect the mic when he was done and told us not to even think about sex. Who does that? Even a 5 year old baby knows what it means to kiss, and soon enough as he watches television, he’ll begin to understand when it mean to have sex because when the WARNING on Nigerian Home Videos PG or 18+ is not applicable. Sex is something that parents should teach their wards right from when they’ve had knowledge of things. And also for churches, SEX FROM THE ALTAR is something that should be practiced.

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