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Many businesses today are simply “children of circumstances”; they were not created by due process nor were they created for the right reasons. Some start businesses because they lost a job and needed to fix that as quickly as possible. Someone else has been without a job for years and the next reasonable thing to do is to start something to earn income. Some other person hears there is money in a particular venture and jumps into it just to cash in on it. Yet for some others, you just have to find something to do to kill boredom or idle life.

Not that these are totally wrong reasons to start a business. We all know necessity is the mother of inventions. But one major test most don’t conduct on themselves before they start is to find out if they’re cut out for it or not.

We are often instantaneously infected with the entrepreneurial bug or what we can refer to as ‘Entrepreneurial Seizure’. We just want to be our own bosses and start making money even when we know we’re not designed for it. So, most of our businesses are simply based on survival instincts and not necessarily economically viable ideas.

An idea is something generated in our imagination, it shows up in our thought process wanting to find expression. Hence, an idea is not always synonymous with opportunity. A viable business opportunity adds value or solves problems, has staying power, has a time frame and craves attention. When a business idea does not meet these ‘conditions for life’, it is not a viable opportunity.

We must have more compelling reasons for starting businesses. A business opportunity is like a seed. There are viable seeds and non-viable ones. Viability or non-viability is already inherent in the seed, this determines the survival of any seed. If a seed is not viable, no matter the conditions around the seed, it will not survive. But when a seed is viable it tends to thrive even in difficult conditions.

Our business environment here is already hard and difficult, that’s why many businesses don’t survive. An entrepreneur needs research, skills, network, support and patience to nurture a viable business opportunity to flourish.

So, we encourage, first check if your ideas or opportunities meet the ‘conditions for life’ before you venture into the business. It will save you loads of head and heartaches plus wasted resources in terms of tangible and intangible resources. Also, if your business is about your survival, then it needs to go after the ‘conditions of life’ otherwise it’s only a matter of time.

Always improve your skill sets, scan the marketplace – competition/consumers and you will ‘be an authority’ in your business.

Go on, do exploits today and become an influencer plus an authority.


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