From Fibroid to Fine Boy!!!

The one that causes iron to float! That is the God we serve! Follow us on #ThankfulTuesday as we hear how God changed the circumstances of Mrs. A.

I felt severe pain in my tummy and went to see a doctor. The doctor said he saw fibroid but I said “it was not possible, I do not have fibroid”, he said “o ye women of faith, instead of you to ask me for a solution.” I had to change to a better hospital where I was also told I had fibroid.

I rejected the result immediately. The doctor gave me a date to come back for further tests. Thankfully, I forgot the date but my husband was worried and asked me to go for the checkup. When I went for the checkup, a lab technician did the check and said, “I don’t know what they are seeing but I’m seeing a baby here.”

God in his infinite mercies turned the situation around. He turned fibroid to a fine boy and both mummy and son came to testify of His goodness as he was dedicated Sunday, 5th August 2018. What can our God not do? If you don’t limit God’s capacity there is nothing He wouldn’t do. He can turn any situation around. Just trust HIM and keep your faith alive. He will come through for you.

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