From Hurt To Healing

Pain and trials exist to make us stronger? Olu shares his amazing journey from pain to joy today on #ThankfulThursday.

“How time flies – November 13, 2017 marks exactly 30 years since I lost my mother. Life without her was hard.

I was 7 years old, but the memory of the events of that day are still vivid. My Mum, had been sick for a while, and that day she decided to go out with my dad in his ash Nissan Datsun car. Two things came to my mind as I watched her leave the house – either she is getting better or Dad is taking her to the hospital. My older brother who was supposed to accompany them, was nowhere to be found; he had gone to play football.

I was glad when the car came back, however, my excitement quickly turned into sorrow as I watched my Mum being carried out from the car – lifeless.

I didn’t understand the concept of death, but as the wailing and loud cries continued, I realized it was finished and my mum was never coming back. My little heart could not take it, and I cried until I was admitted and placed on bed rest. I felt my life was over, running away and/or suicide seemed like my only options. I became very irrational, lost my self-confidence, held grudges, kept malice, and my stubbornness skyrocketed. I felt like life was useless and a waste.

Church was compulsory, so I went. It was not out of love for God or his word. Thankfully, my academics did not suffer the same fate as my faith. My dad tried his best to help me become a better person, but I just struggled. I had no real sense of direction.

As I grew, all these negative tendencies increased until later I found Jesus for myself – not the one everybody talked about – the one who loves me for me. I look back today, and I feel so much better. Life is more meaningful to me today. I have a wonderful family; a lovely wife, 3 amazing children and a promising career.

In the month of October this year, after a turbulent career path, I miraculously secured the kind of job I had always hoped for with a package beyond my dreams. I see myself recovering lost opportunities; and growing in the assurance that God loves me no matter what I have gone through.

We may not have everything we want, but God is the reason we have not lost everything.”

We all have great stories to tell about our miraculous God and sharing, encourages faith so share yours now. We will like to use this opportunity to invite you to the church premises by 6pm today for prayers.

A thankful heart, creates a thankful life. We hope to share your story next week on #ThankfulThursday

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