Fulfill Your Potential

When we were 4 children in my family, my mom sacrificed her job & by extension her career to raise us. We see a lot of such career sacrifices around us daily & they have nothing to do with decisions about our children. The question is; will you ever become what you were designed to be? Will you ever become what God wants you to be?

Here, in this meeting & reading on social media, are the influencers & authorities that our society is waiting for. The real wealth of any nation is not in the mineral resources under the ground, It’s in the quality of its human resource. That’s why people emigrate to other countries because they conclude that this environment will hinder their potentials.

Truth is, many people in this country & in other parts of the world have died with some of the greatest inventions of our time. If cemeteries remain the wealthiest places on earth, you can imagine Nigerian cemeteries then.

Jesus said death is very necessary for a seed to maximize its potential in this life (John 12:24). So, what then is potential?

Potential is unused, raw ability, the latent power. It’s what you can be but not yet are. Potential means what you can become that you’ve not become. We all came into this world loaded & pregnant with potential.

An orange seed is in fact a seed, but truth is superior to fact. So a seed is potentially a plantation or forest. Dr. Myles Munroe said “the death of a seed is the burial of a forest”. When a seed dies it dies with all its potential. We all started as tiny seeds in our mother’s womb, loaded with potentials to change our world. All that you see is not all there is. Only God knows what you’re capable of becoming but you are more than this.

What if Pst. Sam refused to find his purpose or exert his potentials, would it have made any difference?
What would our nation or the Church miss if you’re not here?
What were you made to become? What capacity do you have inside of you?
Step out of mediocre thinking & step into destiny.

When God said “be fruitful & multiply”, it was a dominion mandate but we mostly interpret it in light of procreation (Gen 1: 28). You can’t be fruitful without seed. That is why God put the seed in every living thing He created. Exerting potential determines your dominion & influence on earth.

You are judged based on what is seen, not on your potential, but Jesus always sees you based on your potential. He saw Simon & called him Peter (the rock) (John 1:41-42). He said to His disciples “follow me & I will help you fulfill your potential because your potential is more than catching fish.

When some guys came together to build a tower that was to connect heaven & earth, God came down to check on them (Gen 11:6). Your potentials set parameters around your life. It will determine your association. It determines the kind of resources that come to you because it makes you a living magnet. You attract resources based on your potentials. Moses’ potential attracted a sophisticated Egyptian education.

So, what are you carrying inside of you? Its time to unleash & be all that God wants you to be. WhiteOlive will provide the environment for you to release & maximize your potentials.

Inside of a young apprentice boy Samuel was a Judge & a national leader. Inside of David the Shepherd boy was a King. Inside a slave prisoner Joseph was a prime minister. Inside a zealous terrorist called Saul was the most influential apostle.

The world is waiting for your manifestation. Our lives will never remain the same because of you (Rom 8:19).

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