Gaining Influence For Your Business

Influence is a powerful tool that gives your business leverage in a fast, changing and competitive marketplace. Since Influence is the capacity to affect the character, development and or behaviour of a person or thing, the marketplace is not excluded.

As an entrepreneur, understanding how to amass influence and use it for the benefit of your business is one of the fine qualities of great entrepreneurs. There is a role your business plays in the marketplace and it plays that role very well. It almost looks like a niche you’ve carved for yourself within the space. This gives your business influence within the space it operates. A business is lost without identifying why they’re in business – purpose.

Mastering your purpose solves the identity issue question for your business and once you’re known along with your offerings your portion in the market is guaranteed. A business must solve complex problems. There has to be a way of doing things better, cheaper and with less hassles. Your business must always be on that quest for new ways of improving people’s lives.

When you’re good at solving problems, you’re percieved in a different light and the market looks up to you for more answers. Your product or services must connect with people emotionally. Product without emotional appeal runs the risk of vaporizing from people’s minds.

Emotional ideas always stimulates people’s curiosity and their desire to want to get more from you. Take charge of that space. Your expertise, seasoned with your passion and desire will always move your business forward. You should ask your team from time to time, “what level of expertise have we achieved so far?” … and keep improving at it.

Remember, most organizations will pay handsomely for the highest quality service Instead of peanuts for a mediocre service. Use body language to convey more message about your business. Let it speak for you because it says more about your organization and how you’re perceived.

Finally, use the influence you have, no matter how small you think it is. Keep improving your value offering in the marketplace until it becomes your way of life.

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