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Hello there and welcome to the Easter Monday edition of #MondayMarket with the topic ‘Get Good Advice’

Business is tough because it involves making tough choices. Entrepreneurship combines business & leadership. So entrepreneurship is tougher, it’s meeting people’s needs in a systematic and profitable way.

The entrepreneur needs to connect with people who can help make the dream a reality. Business is first of all a deliberate attempt to fill a societal vacuum than an attempt to collect societal money. Entrepreneurs who make the most money are those with structured & systematic way of solving problems. They work with all kinds of people to make that structure work & grow stronger. They engage skilled and unskilled individuals to help out with certain aspects of the business. As an entrepreneur, you need all the help you can find in fulfilling your dream, especially professional help.

It’s about time you break your business down into all the various component parts. You’ll need to engage the help of other professionals in effectively & efficiently maximizing your limited resources. Quit trying to crack your head with the excel sheets, get the help of an accountant or you’ll soon mix up the books. You now know how to separate your personal money from business funds, after all they’re not the same. If you’ve been in business a few years and you’ve never audited your accounts, you’ve not even started yet.

With an audit, you can tell whether you are in or out of business, or are you running a kiosk? You’ll certainly need a tax professional in handling your tax issues with the government. Some entrepreneurs may never have paid any tax, whether income tax, VAT or any other tax since they started business. How we engage professional help is actually dependent on how we see our business. As long as it’s a ‘One Man’ business, you won’t see the need for such professional help but if you see your business as a multinational, the approach is often different. Everything is in the mind of the entrepreneur.

Stop crawling as a business. Attempt flight today. The sky is massive enough. Your business is not designed to crawl like a reptile, it is designed for flight like an eagle…

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