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I used to be a tomboy but as an older lady of 20, I found my sexy. Short dresses and miniskirts became a favourite and a replacement for baggy jeans and sweatshirts. Matching clothes, shoes and bags didn’t pass me buy. What about the monochromes? We don did it and don’t even get me started about boots, all types! Collections of makeup sets were part of the game and oh, I could pass as a make-up artist with my collection.

Shopping is bonding; you can’t go shopping alone. I mean the giggles, the laughs, the clothes-testing and most especially, the clowning. Your girls need to be with you. This is what makes shopping fun. It is a peer thing and I rocked my shopping to the bone. I had clothes everywhere, some never worn, others worn only once. As much as it gave me joy, it was short-lived. It didn’t give me the peace I longed for, the love heard about in music nor did it fill the void in me. Instead, it killed me softly.

I kept thinking about the 7 cardinal sins when I saw the clothes I had and the lies I had to tell sometimes to get the money for them. The fact that there are people dying from cold or embarrassment because they could not afford clothes to cover up or look neat while I was wasting things. I kept fighting with myself about doing the right thing or living up to a façade. I had a reputation to keep. I was Sushberry, my appearance mattered a lot!

Then it happened. The girls that adored my appearance now planned to get me bathed in shame, to deface my reputation because they thought me pompous. My appearance was, without my intention but their interpretation, stealing their men from them. I had to be taught a lesson, according to them. Luke 12:15 came to mind. I asked myself: was I really greedy? Over 50 pairs of shoes between my home and school and I could wear only one at a time… I hated my uncle who stole my first set of gold jewellery and guarded others… was I worshipping another god? Was my appetite ruling my world? Philippians 3:19.

It takes one to know one. Yes, I was a shopaholic and bought things in excess, things I didn’t need, things that sometimes put me in debt. It affected my belief, my spirituality and my physical being. Why accumulate so much that you don’t need when they are people suffering out there that you can give them to? Remember, there is more reward in giving (Acts 20:35).

Don’t be like young Sushberry, give because in giving you shall receive abundantly. It also gives you a sense of worth… deserving of an influencer. Till next time, stay giving!

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