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For so long, our attitude to life has been more of “happen to life or life happens to you”. Therefore, our approach to work and especially the marketplace has NOT been deliberate. Many people just want a job for survival, some want something gratifying and materially tangible; while others see their job as an opportunity to make their society and the world at-large a better place.

The deliverables and expectations from our jobs are not the same. They differ according to sector and seniority. If you take a job just for survival, you really need to strategize; because no matter what you do, true success will be out of reach. There is something missing, for us and our organization, when our attitude is in ‘survival mode’. If we wake up every morning and our motivation is our ‘pay-check’ then we are missing the essence.

Working for just survival and to make ends meet can’t bring us fulfilment. After all, isn’t work factored into our DNA? Shouldn’t work and the jobs we do deliver more that survival kits and daily rations?

Every organization is set to add value and by doing so make profits, in whichever industry they choose to operate in. As such, business activities are not just for profits, but also, to improve the lot of the lives and communities they are connected to (CSR).

If you work as a career professional in any organization; automatically, you’re doing more than surviving or getting a pay-check. You are part of the few who keep our economy going, and add value to the lives of so many people, either directly or indirectly. When you don’t see it as such, it’s hard to be creative, innovative, effective and productive on the job.

At some point in your professional career, you must realize you’re more valuable than the salary you earn. When you discover your true value, you’ll realize that the job only gives you a platform to express such ‘giftedness’. If you’ve found the connection between your true value, your gift(s) and your job, then our world just got better.

Every human being is an extension of God – whichever job you do, that connects you with people, gives the opportunity to serve God by proxy. We need new motivations to see our jobs differently. The old attitude we’ve always had to work needs to change. You’re not just a survivor, you’re much more than that.

By the way, salaries are not meant to satisfy, they only take care of the few things that we need to survive to repeat the cycle. The real fulfilment is found in deep service to humanity; a commitment to making the world a better place – in our capacity as junior, mid or senior level staff.

Never forget you’re an influencer and an authority. God, your country and your organization are counting on you


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