Get Your Balance

It’s the beginning of another year. The reality of the new year is settling gradually and the career forecast has started for many professionals.

Olamide works for a construction company as a mid-level executive; he’s a certified project manager and quite good on the job. He has been married for a few years and blessed with a beautiful family, however, taking good care of his family has been a continuous struggle.

He earns well, very serious about his job and always looking together but very tacky with his finances, he doesn’t seem to have his finances under control. It looks like the money erupts in his face few days after he earns his fat pay cheque. He has a bad habit of spending all his monthly pay before the next pay cheque and this creates a very clumsy balance for him.

A few weeks into the new year, the struggles have started again, he was all over the place scrambling to take care of school fees and a few other pressing obligations. Some professionals are like Olamide who earns well, but either due to lack of financial literacy or living beyond their means, they keep complaining that the salary is not enough.

The reality is that salaries are never enough but with good planning and a bit of financial discipline, it can be more than enough. Once he has a handle on the planning and the discipline, he will begin to chart a better direction for his life and his family.

A fat pay cheque does not necessarily translate into financial freedom but it’s good enough to more than get you by from month to month if you’re disciplined. It’s time to get your balance so you can be a bit more deliberate about giving your career meaning and focus for the year.

Some executives earn good monthly pay cheques but also live beyond their financial status hence they’re always financially stressed. Don’t live in a house you can’t afford and don’t send your kids to a very expensive school you can’t afford, trying to impress people who don’t really care about you.

Don’t accumulate bills: spend only a percentage of what you earn. Living from one pay cheque to another is suicidal. It’s great to want all the good things life offers, but you should earn it first before you spend, it can’t be the other way round.

Wisdom says, “The wise store up wealth and luxury for themselves, but fools spend whatever they get”. Get your balance guys!

Getting your balance is a deliberate attempt to live by a new set of values that will significantly improve the quality of your life. Have a dedicated account for your savings. Give standing instructions that a fixed amount be moved to that account monthly.

Finally, deliberately and diligently planning your life will lead to profit as surely as a lack of balance leads to stress and poverty.


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