God Deserves Some Accolades!

Mr. J had no dues to pay. But He paid them anyway. You see Mr. J is a very dope artist. There’s no beat he doesn’t murk. If you’ve ever been to a forest, that ambience you hear, of crickets chirping and birds singing, it was Mr. J that cooked up the instrumental and mixed the vocals in his studio. Mr. J deserves some accolades.

There’s almost nothing you can’t give Mr. J credit for. Yet you see these new dogs in the industry tryna disrespect the O.G. They don’t realize that just one diss from this Lyricist that spoke creation into being, can ruin their entire career.

You remember when Jay Z said ‘I’m just so offended/How am I even mentioned by all these bleep beginners?” . You know, it was around the time Drake disrespected him. Well, the Mr J is infinitely superior to Jay Z, yet cats be running their mouth. They say he’s not the releast in the game. But Mr J has been dropping bars since the beginning. Mr J spit and the cosmos formed. It don’t get no realer than that!

But boys will be boys right. They want to flex, thinking they’re the best on the scene. But they don’t know they’ve got to submit to a Higher Power. They think Mr J is just another artiste under yet another music label, and he’s like ‘You think I’m a player, that’s funny I’m here to coach you.’ S/O to NF.
Mr J calls the shots like ‘he’s got bullets on speed dial’. This is true, ‘He ain’t never told no lie.’

I mean, your favorite rapper is cool and all, but TBH he’s only hot as long as his music is on.
Mr. J gets airplay whether or not your radio’s on. Tops the charts every time he drops a single promise. And yeah, everyone gets a verse, the atheist, the satanist, the bhuddist. In the BET Cypher of life, God comes first and last, and he will have the greatest punchline.

One day, He’ll crack the sky open, and be like ‘all eyes on me’ . He will judge your greatest hits and misses, then He will play the song that never ends called eternity. So stay woke playboy, give him a standing ovation now, before the show is over and he drops the mic.

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