God, The Restorer

Welcome to a beautiful Thursday as we share Mary’s testimony today on #ThankfulThursday.

On the 11th of February 2017, Mary felt elevated as she stepped into her friend’s compound. She had a nagging feeling to check for her ATM card but after looking briefly round her bag, she let it go. She had a nice time with her friend and called it a day. As Mary got home, she received a text. Shocked and frightened about what she just saw, she quickly called her friend to inform her.

In a panic, she related the text message to her friend. Someone had registered for online banking on her behalf as it wasn’t her. Worse, all she had in her account had been transferred to another bank; N249,200 all gone!

Her friend advised her to quickly report the situation to the branch in which she opened her account. That was to block the account and stop further fraudulent acts. She followed her friend’s advice, complained thrice to customer care and wrote two letters all to no avail.

On a fateful Sunday, weeks later, Mary’s friend was moved to share the incident with Pastor Femi. After listening, Pastor Femi advised them not to give up and not to take the issue lightly. He further advised that they take the case to the head office of the bank and escalate the fraudulent act. Mary followed the advice of Pastor Femi and to God be the glory, all her money was returned on the 20th of March, N249,200 returned; the exact amount stolen from her.

Mary could only praise God for such a miracle.

We know you have such an inspiring story to tell, share it today and encourage someone out there.
Don’t forget to join us this evening by 6:00pm for prayers at the church premises.

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