Going Incommunicado?

Gone are those days when love and affections were carefully packed in envelopes and dispatched by NIPOST. The means of conveyance of the flowing words & pictures then evolved into emails. Folks just want to reach out and say the words, ‘I love you’.

Those media have now given way to the devices, the phones and the tablets of different brands. You and your man can reach out to each other in real-time and bask in the embrace of your words from anywhere. Due to these technological advances, there are no longer restrictions of time and place in your communication.

We have lost the patience of yesteryears when we waited for weeks/months for reply to correspondences. Today, communication is instantaneous. It’s now a dial-and-pick, click-and-receive existence. Little wonder that “she never picks calls” has become a cliche in many relationships and marriages. Even if she picks up within 24 hours as opposed to weeks and months afterwards, we hear: ‘she never responds on time’.

But is that really a ladies-only attribute? Aren’t there guys that don’t know where their mobile phone is, per time? Aren’t there guys whose phones ring off the hook more often than not? Glad to have your answers to these queries…

The truth is, taking calls is of essence in this day and time, especially from your spouse. Phone calls are one of the great platforms for the all-so-important “communication” in relationships. As much as you believe you have to wake your boo up from deep sleep to discuss that issue same way your man thinks that you should never NOT take his calls without a valid excuse.

Sometimes, he is having a rare lucid moment and he wants to share something with his love before it’s heard by another. Maybe he just wants to say ‘I love you babe’, ‘I miss you darling’, ‘hope you’re doing fine, dear’. In some cases, your man really just wants to talk at the spur of the moment and his go-to is you, his special one.

The guy with his frail emotions wants to hear his strong woman. He wants to make certain she’s there for him. Don’t go incommunicado. I digress, but even plenty businesses have been lost to this. Even when you set it to vibrate, be mindful and check your phone for calls regularly.

Unknown numbers are the worst missed calls. You never really know what’s on the other end and ‘they’ may not call back.

Lives have been saved, levels have changed, relations have been cemented or broken through phone calls. Communication is always great news. A hallmark of many happy men is speaking with their spouse real-time, all the time. Develop a strategy of being available for him on phone, don’t leave it in the kitchen, bedroom, car or office locker. Lol.

In our great life of relationships, such little opportunities add up to much in cementing the walls of a sweet home. Enjoy the rest of your #WomanWednesday and do share with others!

2 thoughts on “Going Incommunicado?”

  1. I think times change especially when you are raising kids.the times of dating where hands aren’t full are gone. Now you just want to make sure kids are doing great snd fully satisfied before husband arrives home. I have twins and sometimes before my husband arrives home I want to settle them. I’m a banker and raising two kids is not easy. I don’t even remember phones . Anytime I miss his calls I always tell him to send a message. Although he doest miss my calls too bit when he is home with kids he does. Lol. What do I do in this situation.

  2. This is one the best write up I have read and I must say a very big thank you for it. It speaks to me because i can relate with it very well. I must say here that I am not perfect in my ways but like article stated, I want to speak to my strong woman when I need to be encouraged, in my Lucid mood because it’s only her voice that is the soothing balm I need to calm my nerves, soothe my sky rocketing emotion then suddenly, Bam! the mood is brutally killed. I have tried with all my heart to be there for my spouse especially when she is being ill treated or short changed and then am made to understand that I am encroaching her space.
    Love just flew out of the window, a once communicating relationship has gone south and every effort to bridge the gap created keeps pushing it apart. Where there was always a conversation or something to laugh about has become a waste land of incommunicado. God help us all.

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