Grace Chronicles: Our Healer

Wale woke by 4am on this particular beautiful Monday morning. He woke up elevated, ready to take on the world with loving thoughts in his mind to pay his mum a visit.

As he got up to start the activities of the day, he felt weak to his bones, he suspected he was coming down with something. Strong willed as he is, he shook off the feeling and set out to see his beloved mum, to return her phone. He had helped her fix the phone which was damaged.

At his mum’s place, he broke down with cold & shivering. His mum wouldn’t let him go home and so he spent the night there while she took good care of him.

Mummy asked to call the family doctor but Wale refused, saying he only needed a rest & he will be alright.

Wale seemed to feel better by noon the next day & left for his apartment to resume his normal activities but by midnight, the worst happened. He woke up with high fever & was shivering again, he felt like he was in an oven.

Wale struggled to get himself out of bed & crawled to the bathroom for a cold shower. Wale thought, “let me bring down this temperature so I can make it to morning then decide what to do”. As he made his way back to bed, he thought to himself, “no matter what plans I have one thing is certain, If I have to go to hospital or have to undergo treatment at home, I must make it to mid-week service”.

Yes, Wale had the mid-week prayer service, which happens every Thursday at WhiteOlive in mind. He also planned to attend the discipleship classes and Sunday service too; Wale had the house of God in mind..

He said a short prayer and slept off as peacefully as a baby. When he woke up? Wale was hale and hearty again!

Wale kept illness aside and faced what mattered, service to God.

Despite his quick and miraculous recovery, Wale still advices that we always take a day off. The day the Lord requires we take off and rest. He also has this to add: “Keep calm and watch God take control in your place”.

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