Grace For Your Assignment

TEXT: Romans 11:29, Ephesians 4:11-13

God packaged gifts inside us for the fulfilment of our assignments in life. Your assignment is a specific deliverable as far as God’s kingdom is concerned, it is peculiar to you. In an area of service were you are endowed and add value, you achieve extraordinary results with such endowments. No one created by God is a liability. None! (Gal 2:7-9 MSG). There is a skill set needed for any job. Most organizations will train and induct you into their system. Those set of skills qualify you for the job assigned to you. Education only enhances the skill sets. Church is the school.

The purpose of this message is to liberate as many as possible from strongholds that define ministry/purpose as something vague. Ministry is your everyday living. There is no difference between your vocation and ministry. You’ve just not been able to find/define the connection. It is called ‘marketplace ministry’. It is simply a partnership of building God’s kingdom here on earth, “…I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth (Rev 21:1)”.

The day a doctor sees her/his job as a ministry in relation to God’s kingdom, such doctors’ attitude to service will change for good. God will unusually bless some people who have enough faith to step forward into ministry in the marketplace and release dimensions of ministry that even the church has not yet known. They’re called Kings and Priests of the marketplace.

The marketplace doesn’t respond to religion. It responds to faith, courage, spirituality, knowledge and capacity. There is a ministry in that space where you operate currently that you don’t see yet until either knowledge or God opens your eyes to see it. A born again Christian used by God in her/his vocation for expanding God’s kingdom and blessing people is as spiritual as her/his pastor (See Exo 31:1-11).

Start by doing what’s necessary, then, what’s possible and you’ll soon be doing the impossible! Jesus was a carpenter (and His ministry was not in the church), Paul – a tent maker, Peter – a fisherman, Matthew – a tax official, Abraham – a farmer, Moses – a livestock businessman.

Gal 2:7-9 tells us that God uses some kind of people to reach ‘their kind’ of people. Paul was a perfect fit for the mission to the gentiles. Peter understood the Jews more thus he was sent to them. No ministry is superior to another (1 Corin 12:12-18). So it is easier for a former cultist to reach a cultist. It all starts with discovering our calling/assignment because a supernatural gift has been given to you there.

After you’ve been born again, you should ask God, “What do you want me to do for you?” not “Lord, what do you have for me?” You can’t be a Christian and a liability at the same time! You can’t be in WhiteOlive for 6 months and not have a direction for your life. No way! Begging and righteousness are not compatible (Heb 4:2; Psalm 37:25).

Jesus said, I have come so that you will have abundant life. As a Christian you should live an extraordinary life. Grace and laziness don’t go together. If anyone thinks ministry or pastoring is an easy job, they should try it! Do you know what it takes to produce a hit song? And an impactful message? In 1 Corinth 15:10, Paul tells us he laboured more as a minister and with abundant grace for effectiveness.

There is a seed of passion for something in you. Pray. Check the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Find it. Release it. Your ministry and assignment has started (Phil 2:32).

Allow the Lord to open your eyes to see the oneness of your vocation, your avocation, assignment, ministry and God’s purpose for your life. Learn to maximize opportunities to serve. If God can’t lead you to serve, then He can’t lead you to promotion. Promotion is in service. To really make impact in this world, you need to cooperate with divinity.

In Romans 13:3-4, we learn that the day a Policeman also sees himself as a minister in His Kingdom, such Policeman’s attitude to service will be different.

Finally, in Eph 4:11-13, we are taught that Apostles are Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Ground breakers; Prophets are designers, creative people; Evangelists are Marketers, Project Managers; Teachers are trainers, coaches and consultants.


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