Grace + Forgiven = Gracegiven

Indeed, there was no other way to describe her life up to that point. Nancy sat at the dinner table and looked round at her family. A smile crossed her lips and a prayer of gratitude went up to God from her heart. There were times she found it hard to believe she was a mother much less a grandmother.

It was her 70th birthday and as she looked round at the faces surrounding her, her eyes locked with those of her husband’s. Her mind went back to the days she was in the university.

Coming from a strict home, the university afforded her the liberty she had long desired. She lived a wild life; going from party to party and having a string of boyfriends along. With the boyfriends came the money, booze and sex. With the sex came the pregnancies and subsequently, the abortions.

She shuddered in pain as she remembered those days. The day she met Dumebi was the day her life turned around. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her but she couldn’t leave him alone. For her, it wasn’t about sex, money or booze; it was about the light that shone from within him. A light that attracted her and pulled her and called her until she yielded to it and gave her life to Christ in her final year.

Years later when she ran into him at a friend’s wedding, it was like a destined meeting. Knowing that he knew her past, she felt unworthy when he proposed marriage to her. In fact, she felt worse when she had to tell him that they will not have children because the last abortion she did messed up her womb.

He was undeterred and insisted that it was okay by him whether they had children or not. So, great was her surprise when she found herself pregnant barely 3months after their wedding. In fact, she became pregnant again barely 3months after their first son clocked one. After them came two other children.

Indeed, she knew she was not only forgiven but God showed her a mercy she could not fathom. She was a mother by God’s grace and design and all her children walked in the path of God.

A tear slipped down her cheek as she squeezed her husband’s hand. She sensed God’s grace-filled love cover her as her husband prayed and thanked God for her life. Two scriptures sprang to her mind as she bowed her head; Exodus 33:19 and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Indeed, she was a mother and grandmother by grace. What is your own Grace Story? Please share with us.


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