Grander Visions

Text: Habakkuk 2:1-2; Joel 2:28-29 (NKJV)

The wife of a onetime US President (Eleanor Roosevelt) once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. What is the purpose of looking forward to a future that has no beauty in it?

Everyone has a dream deposited inside when they showed up on earth. We have the resource of time to work on the dream. Every year, we have an opportunity of starting afresh on the dream.

How beautiful is your dream? GRAND? Then it’s magnificent and imposing in form, size or style. The largest or biggest of its kind.

VISION: means you have the ability to see, to see the future with imagery. Because we are people of faith, don’t just dream, dream by the help of the Spirit. Faith is the ability to act on a vision. When we see people who seem better than us at something, especially “celebrities”, we assume their lives have always been more privileged than ours. For the sports or movies or music celebrities, we are fascinated by their giftedness, we forget that they’re in their natural elements. They’re living their dreams.

The grass always seems greener on the other side, so most people join the hustle to move over. Many people are just living, however, some others are building their lives, career, businesses, families step by step. Some have a template/foundation, others don’t have anything at all. Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 3:10) says: be careful how you build. Jesus advised on how to be a wise builder, we should build on the rock i.e the revelation (Matthew 7:24-25). So we have people running all over the place and that’s good but many are running without a vision or anything in focus.

There’s an interesting story every Christian should read and digest in 2 Samuel 18:19-33.

What happened to your ability to dream? Why are you running life like the rest of the world? Where is your grander vision? No matter how life has dealt with you, refuse to give in; never stop dreaming!

Not all issues people are dealing with are spiritual. We respond to life’s issues differently. Gen 37 tells the story of a young man who had a grand vision. Despite all the challenges he faced, he never gave up on the dream God gave him. Joseph dreamed ‘yet another dream’. Given the same difficult situation, some go for crutches, others develop wings and fly. The Joel 2:28-29 prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled and by the way, Pentecost wasn’t the fulfilment, it was the heralding because certain elements of the prophecy were missing at Pentecost.

We need sons and daughters of God to prophesy… Foretelling and forth telling. Forth-telling: is using faith-filled scriptures for your edification, comfort or to change an unfavourable situation by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. An example is in Ezekiel 37. So you also can direct the Word against contradictory circumstances, situations and get a change every time. Fore-telling usually deals with the gift of the Spirit called the Word of Wisdom. It seeks to predict the future. It predicts or reveals personalities, occurrences, circumstances that will happen.

While forth telling seeks to change the present, fore-telling reveals the future. We need a new social-political and economic order heralded by the events of Pentecost. The Apostles laid the foundation for this new Priest-King order but they never really fully stepped into it. This is our chance. By the power of the Holy Spirit, you can enter into the future and bring it here for us to experience.

You are a king in the marketplace with great spiritual, political and economic capabilities. You can’t receive from that realm and not be righteous, sanctified and full of the Spirit. The church needs people with the capacity for grand visions, the body of Christ needs grand dreams, our economy, the health care, education, sports, entertainment, media, government. WCA needs your vision! Rev. Sam Adeyemi says, “…your life is too small to be the purpose of your life”! You need to learn to bring the future into the present. To achieve that, you need the spirit of excellence.

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