Handling Difficult Customers

Yes, sometimes you want to say ‘to heck with this ***dy customers! I wonder why they have such airs about them and feel so important?” But as a matter of fact, the customer is king. Without your customers, there’s no you or your business. You cannot provide that business solution or sell that product to yourself.

To know what makes your customers tick and get them to come back again so that you retain their patronage, you need to consider the following nuggets.

Listen to the customer. Don’t get upset. Find a meeting point. You can get anything done if you don’t mind who gets the credit. Do your best to maintain civility. In a case of assault on staff, the staff should not react immediately, allow the company to take the matter up how best they can.

Find a way to pacify the customer within company policy even when the customer is wrong. As much as possible, speak to the customer in a calm respectful tone.

Be friendly and establish interpersonal relationships. Always find a good landing to come out of issues with customers. Know your temperament when handling difficult customers. You have to be able to douse the volcanic eruptions of an active customer.

Identify key people within your establishment that know how to deal with customers. If you are hot-tempered, keep quiet and call on another that has good interpersonal relationship skills to handle issues with customers.

As an illustration of these points: A guest at your hotel books 2 rooms, one for his wife, the other for his mistress, unknown to the wife. This arrangement was without your hotel’s knowledge. On check out date, the front desk issued him with 2 separate bills in the presence of the wife which she then queried and the matter was blown open. Who is to blame? The front desk or the man? How would you resolve the situation?

You really may have to make certain sacrifices for your customers and indulge their varying shades of attitude, even when they take the wrong position and think they are right, you have to adopt some age-old skills to manage them. In fact, you have to show your customer genuine understanding tinged with love as value added service for their money’s worth and growth of your business. Customers expect so much these days.

Have you had to deal with a difficult customer? What was the situation and how did you handle it? Watch this space for #ThankfulTuesday coming up same time tomorrow.

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