He Listens

Welcome to another testimony day with #ThankfulThursday. Don’t we just love giving HIM thanks and praise? Today’s #ThankfulThursday is titled: ‘He Listens’, yes, God listens. Read, share and be #blessed

Ainojie woke up feeling #blessed as ever, it sure was a blessed day. He had been learning a new computer programming language (Java) for 3 months now and wanted more leads to build personal capacity. In the ever-evolving field of IT and its related skills, tryouts and knowledge seeking can’t be overemphasized. Sourcing for free courses online became a daily activity and Ainojie dedicated so much time to it as if there was a test to take.

He longed for advanced stages but had no financial backing to pull it through. After the 3 months of Java programming, God gave Ainojie another lead to increase capacity. Thankfully, it wasn’t a paid course as he stumbled on an online learning platform and started with the basics.

Though time-consuming, God gave him the grace to persevere and in February, he got a breakthrough!
A colleague sent him an advert placement for an opportunity. He applied and waited for about a month. He got an email with a test to build an application on basic knowledge, a welcoming test.

He couldn’t have been happier to find out that amongst 500 applicants worldwide, he was one of the 120 people selected. The best part, the selection came with a scholarship for Associate Android Developer (Intermediate) course plus an enrollment for Google Android Developer Certificate; all worth $750. It could only be GOD!

Ainojie encourages us all to keep praying, persevering and believing, and that when we knock, the door will be opened.

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