Healed Of Back Pain

Praise the Lord, family! Harvest of Miracles is real and I have a testimony.

For over 4 weeks, I had been suffering from severe back pain. This pain was towards my left upper back and most times, it left me feeling weak and dizzy.

This pain was already affecting my performance on the job.

I went for an x-ray and an ECG just to be sure of what was happening; and interestingly, on Thursday morning, I was with a specialist somewhere in Ejigbo (part of Lagos, Nigeria).

After the anointing on Thursday evening at Harvest of Miracles, I spoke to every pain in my body to leave. I declared that I am a god and God dwells in me, therefore, no strange thing can be in my body.

The pain, however, got stronger that night; I drove home very pained and tired but I held on to my convictions of healing.

From the minute I woke up on Friday, I have been totally healed! No more back pain!

I had to share this to encourage us all that God is with us and He is still in the business of healing and breaking yokes.

That was Bro. K’s testimony. What is your own testimony?

Harvest of Miracles, Just Worship or even our normal Sunday and Thursday Services are all veritable channels of God’s healing anointing.

God has done remarkable things in your life. Share with us and lift the faith of another.

May our testimonies remain permanent in Jesus name.

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