Health Is Wealth

Remember that age old saying; “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Childhood slogan for some of us. Well, it seems that saying holds sway till date, considering the proliferation of activity and fitness centres nowadays.

We are prone to mistake our 8-5 lifestyle as evidence of wellbeing and fitness, even though we sit-in all day. Lots of the activities in the corporate world require us to face the square screen while on our butts all day. Yes, plenty mental activities during the butts-down period and maybe a short trek to get coffee, but recall the Jack admonition?

Our limbs, alongside our brains, are meant just for the purposes they were made – FOR USE!!! Some of us don’t realize the fact that if you don’t use them you lose them. Obesity also sets in and you begin to slow down.

Also realize that you don’t have to be big yet to cross the redline into overweight. Your BMI counts! Your calorie levels also tug at you from deep within in reaction to your sedentary lifestyle. God forbid that your BP is aiming high to get ahead of you in the midst of your corporate foray. You don’t even have time to get to a hospital to do the basic checks because emails have to go out and books balanced. The job has to be done, anyway. Life can wait, you will say.

Please NOTE: Some never catch up with the life!

All we are required to do is to keep up with the use of our limbs actively for the well-being of our body and mind. Work, business, affordability of gym membership is never a reason for lack of fitness exercise. Spaces abound, even in your bedroom, for walks/jogs, push-ups etc., if you create the time to do these. Don’t wait to be a victim of a dormant lifestyle to start searching for solutions. Choose the option of an active life

You don’t have to be a sprinter or weight lifter, you can simply walk; that is health and fitness at its cheapest! Don’t jump into a car at every opportunity to step out. You can walk there or ride a bicycle, use the opportunities. You can also walk to-fro your favorite restaurant for lunch. Remember it’s great to use the stairs often instead of the ‘lift’.

Do you sit at home veggie-style all day under the misconception that home chores are out of your league? No! Home chores make very good forms of work-out and the calories do burn when you do these.

You don’t really want to spend all that wealth to regain health lost by lazy sedentary living, do you? Physical exercise does have some profit indeed, gain the much you can from it while the sun shines.

So pick up yourself and your crew and create a healthy active lifestyle for yourselves.


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