He’s so Annoying…

Hi, I’m Fola and I am a straight arrow; I’ll tell you what it is, as it is, and you bet that what you see, is what you get. I have no time for charades, guess-my-mood or any such game that requires me to pretend that I do not know what I know… and this often translates to work. As much as this might be hard to believe, I do not like confrontation, but my personality has put me in that position so many times, I just go with it. Which brings me to the object of my anger, Edem.

Edem is a master ‘eye-servicer’ if there is any such thing! He spends his day bad-mouthing managers behind their backs and snuggling up to them, like a cat, the minute they step into the room. The guys in the management team seem to like him and always select him to be on very important project teams. It makes my blood boil!

Seriously, Edem, if you are that dissatisfied, get another job or speak up! Stop using me and other colleagues as your personal sounding board. Trust me, I have said this to his face several times. His excuse has always been ‘Do you know how hard it is to find another job?’. ‘Edem, you only have one life; as long as you know your onions and act professionally, then the company would not want you to leave or you can find another job’

Needless to say, we started butting heads a lot, I did not want to hear his endless complaints and he told everyone who cared to listen that I am not sympathetic to his cause, which was at the time, very accurate. We did not speak to each other for weeks, until this week. A major client gave the company a project that required our combined skill sets.

This week has been hectic, as Edem refused to share information vital to the completion of my tasks, with me. He would always ignore my requests, but he appears more than generous with information during our management update meetings. Every time I expressed my concerns to management, they wave it aside as ‘healthy rivalry’.

The last straw was this morning. Our management update meeting was scheduled for 10 am, I had prepared my slides the night before and saved it in the Project folder. At about 9 am, Edem left our shared office, and I assumed he had gone for breakfast. At 9:30 am I felt slightly uncomfortable and stopped by the meeting room to ensure everything was ready. As I opened the door, I saw Edem presenting… to the management team… with my slides!

A huge wave of emotions came over me, as I tried to make sense of it all. I walked briskly towards Edem, but before I could say anything, the MD looked at me and said, in a sarcastic voice dripping with venom, ‘Nice of you to finally join us’.
I was about to point at Edem and demand an explanation for changing my meeting time without informing me, stealing my slides and everything else he had accused these same set of people of doing when the thought hit me…!
Apart from Edem being an annoying ‘eye-servicer’, the system must have encouraged such bad behaviour. If not, why didn’t anyone ask or send for me? (I have never been late for meetings)

Now I ask you again if you were in my shoes, what would you do? Looking forward to your thoughts in the comments section…

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