Hey Girl, Organize Your Life!

Toni, how do you do it? How do you balance all these many demands in your life without dropping any balls? How is it that you fire on all cylinders and still look like you’re not breaking a sweat?

Kachi was confused. She was tired, worn out and the day was just halfway gone. Hey, she was on track with her meeting preparation for 3:00 pm but Bobby, her 2-year-old had just hit a growth edge and wasn’t sleeping well, so he wasn’t very happy, and neither was mommy!

She and Sam (her hubby) had just patched up a fight this morning before he left for work and Kachi just had this feeling that the fight really wasn’t over, she may have to give up ladies’ night out to really make it up to him.

So, Toni, I’m listening – what is your secret sauce or is it a weapon? ‘Cos I can’t go on for much longer like this. It’s like the multitasking dream is just that – a dream!

‘Nah babes’ said Toni. ‘You only need to create a well-engineered system that works for you and keep tweaking as you crush your goals as your family moves through different stages and you take on more responsibilities’.

I learnt this G.R.E.A.T.E.R model from my Supercoach DDK and she has given us the permission to share freely. You may need to take notes and maybe even hola for further explanation on how to execute…

It starts with the very first and most important: Goals – What’s the broad picture of the sort of woman you want to be? Are you very clear on the ideal life you want to create? Does it align with your purpose? If yes, then let’s move on to the next step.

Routines – What are the regular actions you can institute around your nurturing body, soul, mind, spirit and relationships? Your everyday life routines must be evidently moving you towards that vision you set out for you.
Do you get up daily at 4:30 am, pray & meditate, sneak in 25mins of pilates and then journaling all before the kids are awake? Do you take a 10-second praise break at midday like clockwork, just to get your mind right? Are you a sucker for an uninterrupted 30minute timeout with the kids, free of devices, every night?

However, you can’t be adequately fuelled unless you are super observant of your Energy levels (i.e. your current battery readings and what you can do to trigger an up-shoot), flows (birthing seasons where you are able to produce radically creative outputs) and cycles (hours of the day that you experience your biggest energy bursts).

Take advantage of these energy flows and you can do some accurate Action planning, i.e. break down your monthly/weekly goals into daily blocks that help you impact greatly on lead measures.

In each day, what 90-120minute Time blocks can you set aside to kill major tasks by immersing yourself and blocking off distractions?

In those blocks, you are highly Engrossed and you can further partition your days of the week to focus on the different expressions of your life. For example, a multidimensional woman who owns her time can dedicate Monday to Self-Rejuvenation, Tuesday to Ministry and Church meetings, Wednesday to her Coaching business, Thursday to freelance Consulting clients and deepening her marital intimacy, Friday to charity work and Saturday to everything family and motherhood.

Now that’s just a broad picture (tweak to suit you) but the key to getting this right is by not taking the resource of Relationships for granted. Pay attention to the people that play huge roles in your life and master your delegation game. When you have excellent vision-bearers, lead-lieutenants and caregivers; and consistently feed those relationships, you can go the distance.

Wow, this is amazing, Toni. Now I realize that I’m NOT overwhelmed. I just need to build my life around what works for me, not societal expectations or the demands of culture.

Yes, you get it Kachi. Someone said, “we don’t rise to the level of our vision, we fall to the level of our systems”. Start by getting a big A4 or A3 sized monthly calendar and plot your days in line with your goals broken down into chewable chunks. It’s time to organize your life!

Have a fantastic #WomanWednesday and let us know how this re-engineering works out for you.

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