His Time, Best Time

It is said that “man proposes, God disposes” because His time is the best. This is Akpo’s testimony.

“I went for the job interview I was scheduled to attend for a chat with one of the business executives. We didn’t discuss my position, he only asked & I said the panel told me. He responded “okay”.

I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought it was a done deal when I was told to go do medicals. The job of my dreams finally came and now it seems I had counted my chicks before they were hatched.

It all started early this year. I cannot even remember the month. In fact, I think it was last year. I had responded to a chat asking people with content marketing background to send their CVs. I sent my CV without thinking too deep about it because I trusted the source who shared the info.

Some months later, I got a call inviting me for an interview with one of the well known banks. I was so elated as I had longed to work in a corporate organization. We agreed to an interview that evening.

It turned out to be a series of interviews & it was looking so promising until today as I listened to my caller.

I could not believe what I was hearing, the HR had given me a lower role, he claimed I had agreed to this, that I didn’t have enough experience for the higher role. I wondered when that happened as I had over 9 years experience for the role I had interviewed for.

Everything had gone well, I had a successful interview. So what was wrong? I was even directed to go for medicals and I celebrated my successful outing thinking I was more than a foot in. So when I didn’t hear from them after two weeks, I made some calls only to be given feedback of my “inexperience”. I was devastated.

In consolation, my contact told me he believes in me and that I was going to get the job, albeit not the initial role but a step lower.

I thanked him and switched off my phone, forgetting the horror I had just heard. I instantly became depressed and called up my son who told me not to worry that I would get the job but I should put it all in prayers.

I also spoke with my pastor (Pastor T), he advised me not to worry as God would take care of everything and that if the job didn’t materialize, it was still God’s will and I should believe in His decision. This gave me little assurance and I shared it with my team, highlighting my fears with respect to my other projects. I was advised to take the job if it comes and my projects could always be managed.

About one week after all the drama, approximately a month from the day I did my medicals, by 3pm on a Thursday, I got a mail offering me a position that was good and acceptable to me at the bank and I was required to resume the following week. Glory to God!”

Akpo shares her testimony as a touch point to people who are finding things difficult and praying for a miracle. She advises that they should not cease praying and believing that God will give them the best option even if it is not what they desire, for He knows best.

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May the good Lord bless and protect you through difficult times. Amen

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  1. God is faithful, never will He put to shame those who trust in Him. Congrats Akpo,
    This is Just the beginning, allow God be God In your life.
    Thanks be to God, the Father of all comforts….Amen.

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