Hone And Update Your Skills

Everything seemed awkward to Kike. She is now double sure she wants to leave her job. How could this be happening to her after the efforts she made to land this opportunity? She reflected on how dedicated she was on her job and the sacrifices she’d made to get to this point. How could management bring an outsider to take the role she had dreamed about & worked for?

These, and many more questions, were racing through Kike’s mind. She has worked with this indigenous organization for 6 years and they’ve been doing well so far. Kike loved working there despite regular staff issues they experienced, like any other organization.

She’s had great exposure in the industry and honed her skills in the organization’s line of business. When she sat in acting capacity in the role she was dreaming to fill, she was commended and hoped it would be an easy ride up.

We are in desperate times and many career professionals are doing desperate things. Many professionals are also making desperate moves to retain their jobs. The fact that the economy has not been very healthy puts enormous pressure on corporate performance. There are fewer jobs nowadays and most employees seem to be at the mercy of their employers.

As professionals, our response to these challenges require that we be more strategic in our approach. We need to raise our self-awareness and be adequately informed on the dynamics of our jobs.

  • What new strategic and exceptional skills have we acquired in recent past?
  • How do we react or respond to pressure on the job?
  • How do you manage your difficult colleagues, especially the very manipulative ones?
  • How do you manage people who used you in a bid to get glory, recommendations or promotion?
  • How do you remain sane when everything around you seems to be going upside down?

These and many more difficult questions need your attention in your quest for corporate progression. You have to be a good team player and play to win in the midst of all the corporate dynamics.

Be a man/woman of advanced right skills that will be called upon to fit into that your dream slot. Attend the right trainings and seminars, even if at your expense. It’s a worthy investment. In addition to your skills, have the right attitude. Imbibe and project the best attitude as a team player. You never know where you’d get to, with honesty and a right attitude, but you will surely exceed your dreams.

Keep being an influencer and an authority in your industry and career. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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