How Secure Is Job Security?

Is there any such thing as job security? This was the high point of a heated debate during lunch break between Goke and his friends at a restaurant. The meeting was a mix of professionals from about 5 different organizations within the same neighborhood.

Goke works with a multinational facility management company, his friends work in banking, construction & education; diversified professionals as it were. Some argued for, while others argued against. Goke was not a believer in the phrase. He argued that there is no security in any job but in the excellent performance of an employee.

‎Goke & his friends may be right or wrong but the obvious reality is that the security of a job depends on the performance of an employee. Job security is the guarantee that an individual will keep their job for their work life. In other words, a highly secured job is such that the employee would have a remote chance of being terminated.

In the first place, a company can employ when it’s experiencing growth and expansion and able to meet all its obligations and part of this obligation is the capacity to pay any hired staff. Ultimately, the security of any job is dependent on the company’s continued performance, growth, and expansion.

This company growth and expansion also depends on the aggregated performance of individual staff members of the organization. So it looks like the security of a job is dependent on performance of the organization which also depend on the quality of performance and decisions of individuals ‎in the organization.

But the continued survival or performance of any organization is also dependent on the economic conditions of the nation. The level of job security may be high in many developed countries for obvious reasons but not the same for developing nations. This is because the economic policies and the general economic climate tend to support businesses. Even labor laws or employment contracts can’t protect individuals when companies go under.

The security of a job depends on so many factors & some are out of the control of a career professional. But professionals have the responsibility to control the factors they can control by their own performance on the job too. Therefore, it is necessary to be an authority in your profession and influence decisions that will keep you relevant in your field.

Get the necessary training, read up, watch the competition and build your capacity to diversify. See you at the top of the chain.

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