How Stella Got Her Groove Back!

Stella is a happy, sweet, hardworking and pretty lady… and an executive in a multinational with a fat paycheck.

However, under the mask she wears daily is depression, anxiety, fear, discouragement, which no amount of makeup can cover.

It’s been a tough ride for Stella over the past months. Everything seemed not to work well, from work, to family, to finances, etc. She had expected a promotion and a salary increase but didn’t get it. This affected her plans especially since she just moved to a new apartment and had to pay back the loan she got from a family member. She had to move from the apartment she had shared with her finance when she found out the marriage part was never going to happen.

All the backup plans backfired, as no promotion means no extra cash to pay off the debt and even the PP job she did was not paying either. She tried masking the pains with makeup and parties, but all to no avail.

Pushed to the wall, she broke down and shared her fears with her business coach, who happened to be a pastor too. CoachB was very understanding, didn’t sound judgmental, wasn’t in a hurry to shut her up or push her feelings aside. She exposed Stella to the essence of inner peace and joy in Christ, believing that all will be well as promised in Matthew 6:26-34. But to lay a firm hold on that promise, CoachB gave her some practical steps on how to be direct with the person she was owing, gradually pay off the debt in installments while reducing her expenses so she could still have some savings.

Then, CoachB encouraged her to get her groove back, by picking up her original passion – Dancing. It was a great way to connect with her heavenly Father and a high energy workout too!

Stella decided to always dance like David (in the Bible) did, as worrying won’t solve the problem but faith, mixed with targeted action, that all has been taken care of was the recipe for success!

Dear sister, how many times have you neglected the place of praise and worship? How often do you thank God for His grace and mercy? Most times, people tend to thank God only when they’ve seen the manifestation of blessings, in form of a car, a house, a baby, a new job… but not in advance of the things He is yet to do; Failing to realize that when we give praise His blessings multiples and we find peace in the storm.

Ladies, let’s join the 24 elders in heaven, whose only job is to praise God. Let’s lift up our voices in praise to God continually. You know that God inhabits the praises of His people and when the praises go up, His blessings will definitely come down. Make this month of August, a month of thanksgiving, believing that HE will multiply all that we ask and much more.

Lift up your voices in Songs of Victory to our God for all the mighty things He has done, the ones He currently doing, and, the ones He is yet to do. Go on, start praising HIM and don’t forget to share with a sister so she too can enjoy the grace!

Please comment below and share what you’re believing and thanking our Father for… He’s able!

Have a fantastic #WomanWednesday

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