How To Change Your Life

TEXT: Matthew 5:13-16,

God’s kingdom is the most influential kingdom ever. God is in the business of changing lives and that’s what Jesus came to do. When Jesus walked the face of the earth, he was mindful of His influence and His source. When He said that we are the salt and light, He was asking us to be mindful of our influence and source. He knows and modelled this for us.

Do you have any examples of how to be Salt and Light in this world? Please share with us in the comments… Also, Matthew 5:13-16 is a good reference.

The church is a small part of that kingdom, hence it is the light and salt production factory (1 Timothy 3:15), meaning, we set and uphold standards on how to live the extraordinary life.

Today, we will treat the first tip on how to change and live the extraordinary life:

SUBMIT TO THE ULTIMATE INFLUENCER: meeting and accepting Christ is the first step to changing your life. God wants to change you before He changes your circumstances. See Galatians 1:4. You need to be influenced or inspired by Him (Job 8:32). Satan wanted Jesus to submit to his own influence. (There is a constant contention for your soul). Abraham encountered God in Genesis 12:1 and “God said to Abraham” distinguished Abraham’s life forever. Moses encountered the burning bush on Mount Horeb in Exodus 3:1-17. Bible records that God spoke to Moses as friends speak to each other. Submission to God who’s in the business of changing lives makes your life easier.

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