Hunger Strike 1

Whatever we think of, what we believe could happen, will happen if we trust in God and believe in His promise to us. This is a fact: some call it the Secret, some the law of attraction but we know the truth, we know it is the act of FAITH.

It is no surprise that whatever a woman’s heart desire is can come to pass. She can will in a faithful husband – after philandering (by him) and serious kabashing (prayers) by her), he will come back home and to his senses.

She can will in responsible children – with prayers and stern hands, they find their way around after youthful exuberance. She can celebrate a promotion – dedication, prayers, hard work and a smile, her boss will come around.

Yes, we are that strong physically and spiritually because we are made that way. If you doubt it, ask the book of Genesis, tell it to relate Eve’s story for you.

When woman are is determined to get something, she most often, gets it. That is why it is important that we understand our strengths, our value and our commitments.

When we do, it is easy for us to pray that which we want into existence. It is easy for us to get the work done…because HE is there waiting patiently for us to understand the role we play in the ‘FAMILY’.
I was blinded at first, I thought my marriage should be served on a platter of Gold. I believed I had paid all the price I had to pay and so, I should go to bed and wake up without a worry, especially in my home and in my marriage. So when things got a bit difficult, I felt it was time to throw the covers and move on but a friend (turned sister) of mine taught me to hunger for more.

Hunger for things to change: a better job, business growth, wisdom to handle adversity in marriage, stand up to challenges, be a better wife, groom better children, be a support system, show love and care…everything a virtues woman should be and more.


Hunger for a change and God will bring that change to you.

This month, we will look at the things we should hunger for and pray it into being so join us, every Wednesday in the month of September as we go on a hunger strike. To make everything fall into place, join us every Sunday in September.

Love you sister and I want you to go on this hunger strike with me so we can getwhat we want before the year ends!

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