Hunger Strike – The Home Front

As a woman, I have come to understand the role I have to play in society. As much as I don’t like it and feel I should not be dictated to, it is what it is.
As a Christian, I have found it hard to understand why I have to succumb when I have my will. Why do I have to be virtuous in a world of vile?
As a wife, I now better understand why I had to be a wife before being a Mom. No offence to all the #SingleMoms out there, but there is something you learn about child management, while being a wife.

As a female, I have come to understand that the world literally revolves around me. So I have to have my ** together if not, my world will crumble.
It takes a woman to build a nation and that is a fact. Look around you, the women are the ones holding the homes together and bringing them to God.

The temptations are intense, contrary to belief. You are tempted on one hand by your friends to disregard your husband and do what you want… have illicit fun that will hurt you more than it will please you.

Temptation 2: Abandon your children and feel the emptiness inside till it explodes in your face while in a mental home. Disregard proper care and attention and have children you may live to regret having while they call your nanny their true Mom.

Temptation 3: Disregard healthy meals and watch, not only you but, your whole family make the hospital your new home while neighbors sneer at you and call you a bad mom… yes, you can’t ignore the gossip sometimes.

Temptation 4: Tell yourself that what a man can do – a woman can do better so you rebel by doing all he does that you don’t like…times two. LOL! What a misconception! Your children are the ones you will hurt and not he and you know what happens when you hurt your children?

The temptations a woman faces are a myriad and many, and because we want the best for our family, for our children and then for ourselves, we need to understand the dynamics of a woman and accept that we have been equipped to carry these so-called ‘burdens’ with ease. No wonder a woman makes the best entrepreneur.

So next time you feel like packing your bags and eloping with a friend, remember that you are stronger than you think and this battle was made to show that. Remember that when you embrace the woman God has ordained you to be, you will be able to do so much more…and more.

Remember that you hold your home together: you are the beacon of hope in God, your husband and children will always run to you when they are in trouble.
When the devil tries to come in and steal, you are the God-ordained protector: you stand firm, claiming God’s promise to you, fighting the battle with no fear.
When poverty rears its ugly head, you are the resourceful assurance, keeping the family together, cheering your husband back to wealth while nursing your children.
When you feel down and out, HE is your confidant, encouraging you to be strong while the Bible reminds you of HIS love for you and the strength HE has given you.
It’s no fluke that you came to earth a woman; so don’t limit yourself. Use the talents that God has given you and make the best You that you can be.
Come on, so many generations depend on you and it is a gift, a special gift to be a woman.

If you are having doubts about your gifts (being a woman), send us an email via and let’s talk about it.
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Have a blessed week, sisters!

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