Hunger Strike – The Work System

It’s a ‘sin’ for women to hunger (be ambitious).

Yes, it is a sin for women to hunger to achieve more, build more, groom more, want more, and want to be more! For centuries, we allowed ourselves be set aside, feeding our husbands’ ego, stomach and bed. Then a new era came, self-realization: that we could be more for our husbands, for our children, for our families.

We started wanting to do more, so getting an education was a new pride. Through education, we saw that we could assist our husbands at home and things improved but with improvement came self-worth. We started seeing that we were not our husbands’ first children so shouldn’t be treated as such. We noticed we were our husbands’ backbones and so should be treated, as the Bible said, like his support system, helper, equal in God’s eyes and maybe, as some will say, his ‘better half’.

‘Better half’ of our own husbands because we can multitask, negotiate, influence, manage and lead with both skill and emotional intelligence.

Now, we have been exposed to education and education has shown us our strengths. Some African men in the workplace are wary of strong women. So they try to run us down at work; calling us names, trying to break us. If we resist, they call us rigid. If we give in, they say we are just sissies, if we break even, they say we disrespect our husbands at home and if we don’t have husbands, they say no wonder we are not married.

Oh! It’s not only the career woman who faces these challenges, but the entrepreneurial woman also faces them too. If she is not married, they say she is married to her work, egoistic, thinks she is a man, bossing people around. If she is married, they go to her husband and complain: your wife is rude, she is aggressive, hope she doesn’t boss you at home like she does her customers. Loool. What a joke!

When she can’t collect her due payments from debtors, she is seen as weak…she can’t perform, she is going to ruin her husband. When she is stern and demanding of debtors, then she is disrespectful, ill-trained, she can’t be submissive to her husband. It’s such a conundrum!

Let’s not even get started with her in-laws. Especially if the women of that family are not as ambitious as she is…oh! You hear things like: ‘this one will control you; she has no respect for people. She is a man and not a woman as she can’t achieve more house chores with her work or business; so she is less of a woman’. Can you see why I said to humans, especially African humans, it is a sin for a woman to hunger for more? But it is actually a blessing.

It is an added advantage to the home when a woman is ambitious (not to an unbalanced extreme, though). When she learns how to balance ambition and love, she builds an empire: a legacy for her husband and a future for her children.
She builds a successful nation.

So when next anyone tries to run you down because you choose to work and support your family, remember, that is another trail to overcome and prove to them that you are a blessed woman. In fact, ask them to go read Proverbs 31!

A woman favoured by God to do exploits, to do extraordinary things. You will continue to hunger the right way because paradise is for your taking! If you need a support system – a listening ear or a prayer partner, DM us or write to us: We are just a listening ear away.

Be deliberate this last quarter; join us every Sunday this September as we explore the theme ‘Hunger in Paradise’. We love you.

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