I Have A Vision

It’s the beginning of another 365 days, early days yet for Ben and his team. He had a new year crossover that was fraught with uncertainty. But now, Ben believes he knows better and ready to transit the year. He had grand plans last year which he struggled with and tried to implement in sweat and toil.

He’s always wanted to be a top flier. He has now learnt that there are differences between taking off and remaining in flight. He has also been taught by his experiences that to stay on top, he must keep dreaming and implementing in harmony with a team that understands his vision. He wants to have a better and happy new year indeed and he’s sure he has a great deal to contribute to making it happen. He knows it’s business unusual at this curve.

Ben has plans, grand ones, but he has found something higher! It’s remarkably different from previous years for Ben – he’s envisioned his plans. It came to him like a dream in the early morning serenity of his office. He’s seen where he’s headed and what he wants to achieve this year. He’s never had it like this, but it sure feels better. He has set really big targets for himself and his team. He has seen himself coordinating the matrix of achieving these targets and he’s excited about it.

Ben’s feeling like one whose face is set like a flint and his objectives for the new year are palpable before him. This experience of comparison and contrast between his drawn out plans and a vision of what he wants to achieve in the next few months gave Ben the shivers but he’s running with it.

He’s eager to have his team back from the end-of-year break so that he can get them on board this new trajectory and see it all pan out. Notwithstanding Ben’s new dimension, he is required to aptly communicate his vision to his team – the helpers he needs to make it all happen.

Just like Ben’s, every vision is first conceived, then comprehended and transmitted to the right people. Having conceived it, you are responsible for nurturing it and co-midwifing it to reality.

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