I Need A Miracle!

We all pray for a miracle. Some don’t even pray, they demand it; whether we deserve it or not.

Sade had never seen the 4 walls of a church since her undergraduate years yet she believed she was being jazzed. Her enemies didn’t want her to get married even though she’s wife material with extra change. Her dream man is tall, handsome and rich. She deserved this miracle and believed God to grant her that but her attitude is of the fanatic feminist. No man can be above her or by her side, she was “She who must be obeyed”.

Obi, on the other hand is seeking a child. The four walls of a church are her favorite place. Night and day, she prayed. Yes, her village people had followed her to the city, despite that she has never been to the village nor known them. Every fellowship was a prayer point. Every testimony was hers to claim even though she treated kids with disdain.

Jumai was struggling with debts. She was way deep in debts and poverty looked like a best friend. She could not understand why she was destined to fail. She could not understand who the enemy was! How powerful could this enemy be when she has God by her side? Never did she think to stop shopping around.

We all want a miracle. We believe we deserve one, but we are not ready to do the time. The story of Job is a touching one, one I love to recount when I feel neck-deep in bad situations. One that jolts me back to reality and I think back, not to who the enemy could be, but what I must have done wrong.

You see, Job was loved by God. He did good by God yet, God allowed him to be tempted by the devil. The devil wreaked havoc on Job… took away his wealth, his health and his children, yet Job never cursed God. Job never strayed from the path of loving God. He sure deserved a miracle but at that time… he was to be tested.

Looking back at you, at me and at us all. Why do we think we deserve a miracle when we have not walked the path straight?

Yes, God loves us but how much do we love God? These difficulties we face, what part did we play in them? Are we doing what is right by God; Are we living right by God? Is pride our enemy or do we love our own strength? Yes, we deserve a miracle and we will get one when we look to our Maker with an open and honest heart.

Let me take this opportunity to invite you to Harvest of Miracles happening tomorrow at #WhiteOlive. It is an open-door invitation to re-unite with God, open up to him and re-invite Him into your life. Surely, your miracle awaits if you come with an open and willing heart. We love you and would love to have you.

Have a great #WomanWednesday and see you tomorrow!

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