Idea Snatcher

What do you do when your boss takes all the credit for your ideas? Kayode could feel the weight in his chest get heavier, as his boss claimed the accolades for another one of his ideas. Kayode stood with the rest of the team as they gave his boss a standing ovation. ‘Another excellent idea and presentation’ the chairman remarked giving the man a handshake.

‘Your boss is a very brilliant man’ the CFO said with a smile as he shook hands with Kayode. He smiled back through his teeth, fighting back the surge of words threatening to come out. ‘The idea was mine!’ His mind screamed. He looked to his boss who avoided his gaze and concentrated on the congratulatory messages from the team members. ‘Why is this guy so… so like this?!’.

‘This is getting out of hand’, Kayode thought to himself. ‘Why should I bring the idea and my boss get the accolades? It would be nice if he would just acknowledge my input’.

I’m sure a number of us have been in such a position where we feel under-appreciated or unrecognised for our own ideas! Should you sit and allow it continue, stop contributing ideas or confront your boss? Candid advice? Do Nothing! That’s right, do nothing! Whilst it can be painful, it is better than being in the bad books of the person you call your boss.

Haven’t you heard that running water never goes stale? While you are churning out idea after idea and growing from the experience, it is most likely that your boss is stagnant in his thought process. So who benefits? The truth always prevails no matter how long it takes. Chances are very soon, his inadequacy will come to light especially where he has gotten promotions due to those fantastic ideas.

While we are deserving of a little recognition every now and then, just ask yourself, ‘What is more important here, my ego or the team?’ Be the bigger person. If the company undertakes the project, chances are that you will still benefit from it, especially if it increases the profit bottom line. At the back of your mind, you will still have that satisfactory feeling of accomplishment that your idea was implemented so why sweat the small stuff?

So, do you agree with the story? Has your boss or even your colleague been snatching your idea and passing it off as theirs? Don’t fret. Better still, tell us how you dealt with it.

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  1. Hmnnn…well then. As much as I agree. I do hope it does not have a down side to it. This stolen idea thingy happens a lot. It’s painful containing it.

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