IDeas, I Dares and I Dears

Life is full of ideas. To make it through, you must dare yourself to succeed and when you do, it is expected to pass it on to some other dears.

I felt the same way when I read the title for the first time. It sparked a cord, confusing at first but the bulb lit up and I woke up. We all have ideas we believe in; how our friends should behave, how the deal should turn out or how the audience should react.

As women, we expect our children to be fair and beautiful, our wedding glamorous and our hubby… the perfect gentleman; what an idea! Our idea of the world is clouded by fantasies, perfect eyebrows and colorful outfits. When the world does not fit into our ideal plan, it usually leads to hurt… depression… rigidness. A problem we created from one single idea.

In reality, we are different people, living different lives, called to one mission. Now that idea is what we should live for and focus on. When our idea of the world is love-focused and Christ-like, we can’t go wrong. We can dare to live free, wealthy and wise. And HIS idea of love never changes, does not fault you but forgives. HIS love always comes to our aid; HE makes everything perfect in HIS time.

The idea alone to trust in HIM can change your life forever in an amazing way. This makes us bold, able to face challenges the world throws at us. Be it a troubled child, a barren womb or a flirtatious husband. We can dare the world to throw shades at us and walk: head straight, lips smiling through it. But don’t keep this to yourself. The idea behind this love is to share it with others; share your love, your experiences and your challenges.

Today, I dare you to embrace HIS idea and share it with some new ‘dears’. LOL. Yep, I just love the poetic sound of the words. Be the woman you were created to be by influencing the people around you. Dare them to be more; to be women of influence too.

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