Ideas Rule The World

Text: Isaiah 55:8

It is hard to talk about moving our world forward when so much energy is spent on trying to survive (Luke 17:33). Even the earth was borne out of the fact that God had an idea to create the world.

Everything is created twice. First as a thought, then as an object. Ideas are mental thoughts or mental impressions. You can source for ideas naturally (sometimes called innovation) or supernaturally (also called creativity or invention). Ideas are spiritual seeds. TY Bello spoke about a book she read called “Altered State”…all those who have made a significant impact in our world were not thinking normal. That’s why the creative industry needs to be in an altered state.

Altered State of Consciousness, ASC, is defined as “Any mental state induced by either physiological, psychological or pharmacology maneuvers or agents which is recognized subjectively by the individual himself (or by an objective observer) as representing a sufficient deviation in subjective experience of psychological functioning from certain general norms for that particular individual during alert and waking consciousness. ASC produces a similar experience as the HolySpirit.

Our brain is an amazing and superbly sophisticated equipment given to us to:

  1. Control and regulate the functioning of the human body.
  2. Capture ideas from the supernatural realm or higher dimensions.
  3. Produce or manufacture things downloaded from the supernatural.

When you produce or invent something, we call it a “brainchild”. The only way to change the quality of life in Nigeria is to change the quality of ideas or thinking that flows throughout mind. It is not changing the government or political party. Governments have come and gone and nothing has changed in Nigeria. The people’s way of thinking has remained the same. People’s lives will never change or improve until their thinking change. Our greatest battle is the battle of the mind.

The way God is the source of all seeds is the way God is the source of great ideas. The better your idea the better your rulership and dominion (1 Corinthians 2:15-16) on the face of the earth. The solution to our problems and challenges are buried in the ideas we generate. Ideas are more powerful than the brains or minds that produce them. Examples of such are;

  • Tower of Babel. Language divides and humanity spreads across the globe;
  • Satan didn’t envisage the impact of that idea in his mind. Inside that idea was sickness, disease, wars, crime against humanity, hell, Sheol, demons etc?

The God idea that will change your life and world will first appear to you and people around you as impossible. God often gives his idea to those who are desperate for Him and who will do something about it. (Noah downloaded the mind of God for the ark in Gen 8) When you’re tired of your current experience and desperate for new levels, you download something powerful.

People who have not developed their capacity often kill a good idea. Like the man with one talent in the Parable of Talent (Matthew 25). An idea has an inherent power inside it to attract what it needs to produce what’s in its DNA, e.g a seed. They draw on the environment. Just like a seed in the womb of a woman.

Finally, my counsel to you make up your mind that you will not die a useless, poor and broke man or woman without a brainchild for the world. It starts with a decision (Mark 4:11-12). So what idea do you represent?

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