Identifying Problems And Solutions

Everything, including inanimate objects, have the ability to identify a problem. Vehicles break down or begin to act up when they identify a problem. Children cry or become restless when they encounter a problem. Plants shrivel, bleed, change color or die when they identify a problem. Even your tech tools and gadgets react when they sense a problem.

As beings with cognitive abilities, we all go out to be served by others. We are a universal network of service chains, all dependent on each other, think about it.

A man who goes to the hospital to be served is happy to receive solutions from the hospital. It is the same expectation when a client walks into your business; he/she wants to be served! A big put-off for any client is when you only represent a section of the clients’ already-known problems. You will not have clients anyway if they didn’t know they had needs/problems to be met/solved.

Businesses that know their onions focus on solutions. Your clients have tons of money stashed away to exchange for the solutions you can provide. Your clients should walk out of your office with delight, having received his/her need – a SOLUTION!!!

People want to enjoy solutions right from your parking arrangements for them in that congested business area. Clients want to run into the coolness of your welcoming office and spend a minimum waiting time. You can lose millions because of that rude attendant or nurse that has not been trained to be a part of the solution.

Just position yourself from your parking lot to your MD’s office as a business that provides solutions. Be a solution provider to people that come your way, the sky will never be your limit.


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